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Re: [MOL] Questions

Hi, Pat:  Breast cancer definitely can metasticise to the bone.  A friend of 
mine has had exactly that same thing happen to her.  She is currently going 
through chemo (again) -- Taxol and something else.  I didn't mind the 
morphine pump when I was in severe pain, but after being on the pills for 
awhile, my muscles began to twitch -- very strange feeling -- and I didn't 
feel better when I took it, I just felt horrible when I didn't.  This was 
when I called my doctor and asked her to get me off it.  She did, with 
gradual doses of Darvocet.  Of course, now I don't need anything.  This poor 
lady obviously does, though, and I can't think of anything stronger than an 
opiate, unfortunately.  My heart goes out to her, the poor thing.  I hope she 
begins to improve soon.

Love, Kathy in Boise
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