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What did your Dr. say about Cell forte IP-6?  I had posted about this 
earlier.  I quit my chemo and have been mainly on it since Sept.  I feel 
fine, but can't tell you what's on the inside since I refuse testing.  My  
CEA count went down a month after I started taking it.  But haven't been 
back. I told my onc (was already off chemo) what I was doing and he started 
yelling that I had my destiny in my own hands.  I reminded him that he said I 
didn't have any destiny.  He also said I wasted his time.  by the way, I 
called Dr. Shamsuddin at the U. of Maryland where he is doing his research.  
He is very nice and told me to take 12 capsules twice daily (1/3 more than 
recommended in his book).  When he started making the powder I take 3 scoops 
a day.  I drink Essiac tea and green tea when I think about it.  But I really 
take the IP-6.  Where do you get yours?  I get mine from Seacoast and the 
powder is $59.95 compared to $100 in health food stores around here.

Thanks for answering,

Pat Hall
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