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Re: [MOL] Special request!!/Reply to Ann! (St Judes Research Hosp for childr...

Thanks Charlotte for the prayers.  It is important for people to know not to 
have treatment for cancer if they want to go to St. Jude's.  My grandson said 
he was nothing but a guinea pig.  We argued with him, but he said just look 
at the sign it says St. Jude's Research Hospital.  The web site Lillian gave 
us is great to see that he had only a 50% chance in 1993 and now patients 
have 75%. 

The ads tell that they don't turn anyone down because of money, but don't 
tell that they turn them down because of treatment.  I'm sure they couldn't 
take care of all the patients they would have if  they did put it in the 


Pat Hall
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