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Re: [MOL] It's Friday/Dusti

Dear Dusti,
    I was in tears reading your post.  I live three states away from my mom 
and have missed being there for her through several things lately.  I thank 
God my sisters are near by and take good care of her and my dad.  I can't 
imagine hearing those words from my mom and fully understand what you are 
going through.  Know that I and all the rest of us here are here anytime you 
need to let it all out.  Thank you for sharing the deepest parts of your 
life.  Good or bad, happy or sad, we love you and so does your mom.  I will 
keep you and your family in prayer.  May God hold you in His arms and 
surround you with His love, protection and strength.  Be well.
Luv ya, 
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