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Re: [MOL] Managing your health care/Wes

You go, Wes!!!  I've been so sick and tired of doctors not listening I 
stopped going to them about 7 years ago.  Other than when I broke my foot I 
have not seen a doctor since '93 until now when I went for the lump I found.  
If it were not for the wonderful naturalpath the Lord sent me to I would 
never have know that I had the right to challenge my doctor and the right to 
know what he diagnosed, why, and what my options were.  I've always been told 
just to do what they told me.  My doctor now is teaching me to read my 
body(something I do anyway) and ask the right questions and not to accept 
just any answer.  Keep fighting and don't let them control your life.
Luv ya,
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