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Re: [MOL] Questions

Dear Pat K.....
Yes..often breast cancer does metastisze to the is horribly 
painful , as you can imagine. In my mom's case thet treated the area with 
radiation to lessen the pain and it did work for a while. They could not 
continue after a certain point because she had recieved her "lifetime dose" 
of radiation when she had her initial bout with breast cancer many years 
before. The doctors will be able to tell her, by the TYPE of cancer cell 
whether it is a PRIMARY BONE cancer or a met from BREAST CANCER. One thing is 
for sure...there is NO reason for her to be in pain and she needs to be 
upfront and honest with her docs about the level of discomfort and DEMAND 
that they do something to help.  Good luck to all    Pat A. in Houston
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