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[MOL] Questions

I have several questions. First I talked to friend after Church this eve and found out her Mom has cancer again. She had breast cancer several yrs ago, I think. She  had surgery, don't know if she had other treatment. Now they have found cancer again. A tumor on front side of shoulder which disappeared after chemo and places on her rib(s?) and on spine which is causing her a great deal of pain.One day the pain was so great her daughters just held  her and all cried. She finished chemo, will start radiation now, then chemo again with Taxol and another drug. She does not want morphine pump, any other suggestions???   And with the  places on rib and back they are treaating her for bone cancer. Does , or can, breast cancer mestasticize(sp?) to bone or is it probably new cancer? She is very strong in her faith and I'm sure family would appreciate any prayers   that might be offered for Teresa.  Also read article on BAC list about cancer vaccine and a lady whose mother died from rare lung cancer and now daughter has  same kind, possibly inherited. Has anyone heard about any inheritable lung cancer? ****** Dave--glad you'e still doing OK--am ready to send inthe troops whenever!!!!    Thanks much, guys. Pat Kimmi-Kansas