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Re: [MOL] Special request!!/Reply to Ann! (St Judes Research Hosp for children)


He was in Memphis in the St. Jude's Research Hospital for children.  It is 
the one you see on TV quite a lot.  It was founded by Danny Thomas.  They 
advertise that they don't turn anyone away because of money.  Out grandson 
had insurance so his was paid but those without get the same treatment free.  
Lillian said her grandchild had been treated and they still took him.  A 
close friend of my daughter's child was in St Jude's and as soon as she heard 
that Tom might have cancer, she called to tell her not to let him have any 
treatment because they wouldn't take him at St.Jude's. Her pediatrician said 
the same thing.  He was in Children's Hosp in B'Ham, Al then and had his 
biopsy there and was diagnosed there.  But they were told to get him out as 
soon as possible before there was any chance he might be treated.

As Lillian says this needs to be checked out.  I know in our area, there are 
always people trying to get money for their child's treatment. The fast food 
restaurants even give out coupons to feed the patients and their families 
free.  Our grandson only wanted lobster and steak.  Even in the hospital, he 
ordered Steak Out delivered.  So they didn't take part in that.  Also 
McDonald House had the pantry's and freezers filled with food.  So except for 
transportation  (if you live within 4 hrs of Memphis) that could have been 
their only expense.  As I said those over 4 hrs got airline trips.

Lisa's friend lived in Miami at the time, and they flew back and forth free.

Lisa works for gov at Redstone Arsenal.  She was the first mother to get to 
take her computer with her and stay with him all the time.  It was really a 
God Send.  They didn't have any financial troubles because of this.  She was 
also working on her Masters Degree and got extended time to do that so she 
didn't have to worry about that also.  Her husband could have done this and 
wanted too also, but only one was allowed.  But he went at anytime there was 
a crises, which was quite often.  We kept the younger brother.  He was in 
school at the time, but we went on week-ends and Scott went with them during 
vacations and holidays.

I did meet a family with a boy with brain cancer and they took him when there 
was nothing else that could be done for him except at St Jude's.  He took 
either hyperthermic or hypothermic treatment, I don't remember which.  It 
wasn't working, so his parents took him out of St Jude's because it was so 
expensive for the hosp and they tho't another child would benefit more.

Hope this helps some one.  It's a horrible dx for a family.  Our family will 
never be the same because of his dx.  But it made my dx easier.  I am stage 
IV colon and thanking the Lord for each day that Tom's doesn't come back.  He 
is going to try to have corrective surgery on his arm as soon as he can.  
Will be asking for prayers on this one.

with love, hugs, and prayers,

Pat Hall

PS.  Didn't mean to tell this list my b'day,  the other list has started 
compiling them.  But thanks to the one's who have wished me a Happy B'day.
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