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Re: [MOL] David and Dave - Kathy!

Chris!  You are sooooo funny!!  Gene Wilder?  Could be worse.  Actually, I 
met this fellow about seven years ago when I was "manning" my friend's 
antique store.  Out of the blue he calls me for a date!  Weird.  It was fun, 
anyway.  He's very intelligent and absolutely enormous -- like 6'5"!!!  When 
I stood up, he was shocked.  When he met me years ago, I was sitting behind 
the counter on a stool.  So, we looked strange together.  It was nice, 
though.  He's leaving for Seattle today.  He commutes between here and there. 
 I wish I could go, too.  It was nearly 107 here yesterday.  Very nasty, and 
already very hot today.  By the way, I like Gene Wilder.

Love, Kathy
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