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Re: [MOL] It's Friday

My heart just goes out to you ; I wish there was something I could do to help.I know what you're going thro. I lost my Mom almost 3 yrs ago to lung cancer;by the time she was dx they didn't give us much hope for treatment and we had no knowlege of cancer and no computer. Our hospice people were excellent and helped a lot. They gave us booklets which kind of told what to expect in different stages and it helped a lot. One thing I had trouble dealing with was the "sleeping" stage and it was explained that a lot of the time they are not actually sleeping. They need to withdraw and detach from everything. It is as hard for  them to leave us as for us to lose them.Daddy was her caregiver adn I felt like she didn't want anyone else around yet I knew she loved us.
Hang in there, Dusti and just feel the strength of all our prayers for you, your Mom and all your family.

I know Mom loves me, it is just hard to hear that kind of stuff.  I better go.  Have a good weekend.