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[MOL] Rohit

Title: Rohit

Beautifully said Rohit, I find your sensitivity & astuteness moving.  It always impresses me how such a horrid disease can deepen ones appreciation & understanding of fufillment & life.  Your spirit is strong & God is most certainly walking with you & your family.  I also wanted to share what my son said to my Mother last week.  She has insisted on buying him a dog for his 5th birthday, absolutely insisted.  I know that she wants it to be kind of her legacy to him which is fine.  Anyway, when she gave him the puppy the other day, he was so, so excited.  You know how excited a little kid can get when they dream of something for a while and it comes true.  Well, anyway, the first thing he says after Thank you is that he promised to take care of the dog so the dog wouldn't get cancer.  It just about broke me up right there because I knew he was trying to express how grateful he was.  It also hurt a little for my Mom to have to hear such a thing but she knows that he is just a little kid and she understood the true meaning.  Kids definitely don't miss anything that is going on & I know you & I will keep our ears & hearts listening so we don't miss anything either.  Hang in there Rohit, we walk together in this journey.