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Re: [MOL] infor. please? Dean White!

You said:

> > > >On the diagnosis I recieved from the Dr. that did the biopsy it is
> listed
> > > >as, Left mediastinal mass, Left mediastinal adenocarcinoma, so yes to
> > > >answer
> > > >your question. He was sent home an listed as gaurded condition.
> Thank
> > > >any
> > > >an everyone for any responces.....Dean White "

Has the patient received a second opinion and is the doctor connected with a
major cancer facility?  The reason I ask, is that a doctor can only provide
the type treatment that is offered at the hospital he/she is connected with.
An example would be at my hospital one could only have surgery, and chemo.
We would have to go elsewhere for standard radiation.  Kathy H. is right
when she states that NSCLC responds better to treatment.  There are so many
wonderful therapies out there that are either saving or prolonging countless
of lives.  Immunotherapy, stertactical radiation, two to three prong chemo.
regimens, stem cell, and on and on.  There are many trials also; however I
would suggest a three or four trial phase.  When you go to the one or two
then they are testing the dosage one can tolerate.  Why are they saying it
is inoperable?  I realize I am asking you many questions; but in order to
fully help we need to know as much as possible.  I know some people who have
had a whole side lung removed, most people get this huge cut with a rib
broken,  but one friend went to the right surgeon and has a much smaller
scar with no ribs broken.....let me know if we can help further, warmly,

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