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RE: [MOL] BC and Ovarian Clinical trials announcement.....

Hi Lillian,
This is the place Kenny went for his Clinical Test.  They've put his on hold until FDA is satisfied with everything.  Probably it is just the medullary thyroid cancer patients.  They are few and far between anyway so its not a really big imposition to have to wait it out.  The monoclonal antibodies and targeted radiation (radioactive isotopes injected) is the same type of protocol.  Suppose to be really good, we don't know Ken's been to sick to check if the cancer is doing anything.  By the way, he does come home Tuesday.  Man I can hardly wait.  I should say he's going to my moms so she can take care of him for awhile, along with me and the bird of course.
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Clinical Trials for Stage IV Breast Cancer and Stage III/IV Ovarian Cancer

The Garden State Cancer Center is now evaluating candidates for
clinical treatment studies, which utilize tumor targeted radiation
delivered by anti-tumor monoclonal antibodies.

Garden State Cancer Center is a non-profit, NCI-funded institution,
which is actively addressing serious woman's cancer problems through
clinical trials using novel, biologically-based anti-cancer agents.

For further information, please call 973-844-7100, or contact:

    Garden State Cancer Center
    520 Belleville Avenue
    Belleville, NJ 07109-0023
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