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Re: [MOL] My mom's pain

I agree, Beav!  When my mom can scurry (the only word I can think of to 
describe her) around the house and do this and that, she feels better.  Her 
week seems to be complete if she can go garage saleing on Sat - for shorter 
periods of time it seems, and then spend the week rearranging her knick 
knacks to accommodate the new stuff.  Her house is now comfortable and 
interesting to be in and we praise her and it to no end.  When the pneumonia 
hit, we thought it was just pain getting her down and we were leaving frantic 
messages with her doctors asking about pain relief.   Same as Rohit 
experienced, they were OK with helping, but don't really grasp the situation 
and how even one more minute of pain to my mom was utter agony.  We live in a 
smalll rural town so any new meds require an hour drive to get relief for 
her.  Add to the fact that she's on Medicare and Medicaid and there's always 
a snafu at the pharmacy.  I was in tears one day when I was trying to get a 
medication filled and whoever enters the information into the computers at 
wherever to authorize her pain meds put in that she was only authorized to 
get family planning meds.  I got very red in the face when told that 
(according to my son), burst into tears (it was late at night) and told the 
pharmacist that my 65 year old mother wasn't planning on getting pregnant any 
time soon.  Thanks to that same caring pharmacist who got on the phone and 
called every number she could find until someone helped her override the 
codes, Mom got the meds she needed and I flew home with them.  Unless you 
live the role of caregiver, I don't think you fully understand the urgency in 
every groan or mention of pain.

I"m happy to say that Mom is feeling better.  She still needs to get 
antibiotics for the pneumonia to hopefully kick it.  She's on her way to a 
nearby town to watch fireworks with my sister.  She's never cared to go 
before but life is different now.

Talk to you all later.

Susan C.

In a message dated 6/30/00 3:56:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> Rohit;   My experience with my hub. is that the pain can cause weakness and 
> the cancer
>  also causes weakness and lying around so much can cause a person to get 
> and muscles
>  arn't functioning like they should.  My hub. also has trouble getting up 
> from sitting
>  positions, in his case I think it's weakness.  Sometimes we have to use 
> common sense
>  because the docs. don't have any answers.  It's hard not knowing what's 
> going on but just
>  help her as much as you can. You might try protien drinks to increase her 
> strength, keep
>  on with acupunture. It is really hard on the immune sytem to combat the 
> so pain
>  pills are a relief at times. One of them deals where a person is between a 
> rock and a
>  hard place. Best wishes to you both......Beav
>  Rohit Ramaswamy wrote:
>  > Susan, Beav,
>  >
>  > My wife has been visiting the acupuncturist too. The oncologist 
> it when we
>  > asked him and said it was "useless for cancer" and said he was the 
> on pain
>  > management", and prescribed a  bunch of pain-killers. So far Patty has 
> been resisting
>  > taking them, relying on acupuncture and massage instead. The pain 
> go away,
>  > but she is more comfortable on the acupuncture days. She has pain in her 
> lower back.
>  > The thing that I  have been noticing is that the muscles don;t seem to 
> very strong
>  > there - she has trouble getting up from sitting positions, and today she 
> stumbled and
>  > fell. Is this a sign that something is getting worse ? We've asked the 
> doctors but
>  > they don;t seem to know or care too much - this is small stuff for them. 
> But it makes
>  > a day-to-day difference in getting around - anyone have any experience 
> with this ?
>  >
>  > Love
>  >
>  > Rohit
>  >
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