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Re: [MOL] adeno carcinoma

>Is your father being treated at a major cancer facility?  Have he gotten a 
>second opinion?  It is really best if one is at a major facility as all 
>treatments and trials are available.  Some trials he may not be eligible 
>for; but then there could always be just that special one for him.  He 
>really should have a team of doctors on his case.
My father's original cancer treatment 15 & 9 yrs ago took place at GWU in 
WDC and then Johns Hopkins in Balt.  He was in a trial at JH and they did a 
bone marrow transplant using his own bone marrow and it was successful.  He 
was still seeing his original oncologist from GW who saw him through all of 
this and he did not detect the cancer.  Dad was diagnosed at a small local 
hospital and is being treated there.  He did talk with his former doctor who 
concurred with the method of treatment being used.  My dad is not in to 
anything alternative, in fact he stated that he "would rather die than stop 
eating the foods he likes" when we suggested organic juicing, etc., in the 
beginning of this illness. All of his children wanted him to go back to 
Johns Hopkins but I think they saw him as too risky, not sure.  I'm 
surprised he has been fighting this at all after everything he's been 
Thank you for responding.  I will check out the site now.

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>Hello Clifton:  Welcome to our forum.  I can certainly understand your
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