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[MOL] Need Money?.?.........

Dear Homeowner,

I'm sure you've heard by now-interest rates are moving higher, however, they
 are still almost at their lowest point in nearly 28 years!  If you're considering a 
new loan, Now is the time to take action, before they move even higher!  We
offer Streamline financing for all loan needs and typically can get you your cash
 in 20-30 days

What ever your loan needs, Purchase, Refinancing, Debt Consolidation,Home 
Improvement, Second Mortgage, etc... We are here to Help!We have over 100 
lenders to help find you the best rate!!!We have programs for all credit (good or bad)

We can help lower your mortgage interest rate / monthly payment.We can help get 
you cash back for any reason.Plus much, much more!Click Here to receive a 
FREE, NO Obligation Mortgage Analysis


Looking for a way to get the money you need for debt consolidation and/or
 home improvements.  We have lenders that will lend up to 125% of the value 
of your home and you are not required to have any equity in your home.  All this
 at the best possible rate and best of all, it may be tax deductible.Start taking 
advantage of the additional savings that home ownership has to offer.Put your house 
to work for you!!!Here is an example of the savings you may take advantage of with our 

Debt-Consolidation loan:  Credit Card #1	$5,500	$222/month
Credit Card #2	$7,500	$300/monthCredit Card #3	$6,250	$250/month
Personal Loan	$9,000	$216/monthTotal	$28,250	$988/month
Old payments to creditors = $988 per month
New Debt-Consolidation loan payment = $349 - a savings of $639 CASH/month

This is an added savings of over $7,500.00 CASH per year!Click Here to receive a
 FREE, NO Obligation Mortgage Analysis


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