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[MOL] Info/ on Breast Cancer...

Cancer: Breast Cancer
Stage or Phase: Stage 3

Select a Clinical Trial from the list below:

  Evaluation of maintenance chemotherapy with Docetaxel, Capecitabine and Herceptin following high dose chemotherapy in patients with high risk breast cancer: A feasability study.

High dose chemotherapy is a treatment for high risk primary breast cancer. Up to 50% of patients however ultimately experience cancer recurrence following treatment. Prolonged administration of lower dose chemotherapy may decrease the time to cancer recurrence and destroy any remaing cancer cells following high dose chemotherapy. In this clinical study patients will receive a schedule of intravenous Docetaxel chemotherapy combined with oral Capecitabine in HER-2/neu negative patients or intravenous Herceptin in HER-2/neu positive patients. Herceptin is a monoclonal antibody that directly attacks breast cancer cells expressing HER-2/neu. Patients will additionally receive radiation and hormonal therapy if indicated.

  A phase I study of HER-2/neu peptide vaccine with Flt3-ligand with or without rhGM-CSF as an adjuvant in patients with advanced staged breast cancer.

High dose chemotherapy appears superior to conventional chemotherapy in achieving maximal eradication of cancer. Unfortunately many patients still experience cancer relapse following chemotherapy treatment. Additional therapy with anti-cancer agents that destroy cancer cells by a different mechanism than chemotherapy may be able to cure additional patients. Moreover, administering anticancer therapies after high dose chemotherapy may be ideal because the maximal amount of cancer cells will have been destroyed and the new anti-cancer agent can be directed at the remaining cells. Vaccines are one type of anti-cancer therapy that might work best after high dose chemotherapy. This vaccine is directed against cancer cells with the HER-2/neu cell surface marker.

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