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Re: [MOL] shark cartilage for small cell lung cancer

On this topic, I would also explore alternative approaches that are being
carefully tested in clinical trials.  2 that I know of that have shown
efficacy are a vaccine + an anti-tumor antibody approach.  In addition to
the large sites like PDQ, you can try ALCASE's and for
more info.  Just my 2 cents.  Jack

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Unfortunately my father's stage was extensive small cell lung cancer.  The
only symptoms he had was bone pain, by the time of diagnosis it really
metastasized to other areas.  I was looking to alternative therapy in
addition to chemo.  I was told that chemo should put the cancer into
remission, however, it could comes back. I would like to prevent it from
coming back,  and that is why I am inquiring about alternative medicine.

Best regards,

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