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Re: [MOL] My mom's pain

Susan, Beav,

My wife has been visiting the acupuncturist too. The oncologist dismissed it when we
asked him and said it was "useless for cancer" and said he was the "expert on pain
management", and prescribed a  bunch of pain-killers. So far Patty has been resisting
taking them, relying on acupuncture and massage instead. The pain doesn;t go away,
but she is more comfortable on the acupuncture days. She has pain in her lower back.
The thing that I  have been noticing is that the muscles don;t seem to be very strong
there - she has trouble getting up from sitting positions, and today she stumbled and
fell. Is this a sign that something is getting worse ? We've asked the doctors but
they don;t seem to know or care too much - this is small stuff for them. But it makes
a day-to-day difference in getting around - anyone have any experience with this ?



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