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Re: [MOL] New to this ...

    I can't help you with the info you need, I pray someone here can.  But 
about the pitty party. Honey, if anyone has a right, you do.  And this is the 
place to have it.  We've all been through it one way or the other and can 
empathize with you.  We're here to listen, encourage, feedback, laugh, cry, 
build up, give info (if we can), and anything else you can think of.  This is 
the place to vent all that is built up.  It's also a place just to have a 
nice time with friends.  It's family to me.  It's also like having a diary 
with feedback.  (Just thought of that.)  Anyway, You will be in my prayers, 
and will pray for an answer to all your questions.
Luv ya,
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