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Re: [MOL] Tommy's donor backed out/Charlotte/Kathy/Chris/all

Pat K

We have a friend in California and we live in Al.  she needs a bone marrow 
transplant badly.  She has AML (with Philadelphia?).  Chemo doesn't work with 
this.  I found out that if my children match, they can have it sent to CA and 
they don't have to go.  They have found a match (not 100%) and the person is 
in Paris, France.  I think her family will help  along with donations and pay 
for the donors expenses.  They offered to pay for the tests if some couldn't 
pay the $65.  I know  her ins won't cover  this.  She has to have $100,000 to 
begin with.  And she only has a 20% chance if everything goes alright.  We 
ask for prayers for her also.  she has a small child.

Pat Hall
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