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[MOL] New to this ...

OK, here goes nothing ...
Had a menengioma on the brain in 1987.  And lucky me it grew back 5 years 
later, and got to repeat the same wonderful surgery.  The a couple of months 
later we had to redo the surgery again to fix the leaking spinal fluid.  
And now I have been told I have not one, but 4 new tumors.  Merry Christmas !
I don't want to have another surgery.  I am so sick of them cutting my head 
open.  My neurosurgeon's nurse has discussed with the doc & he feels I would 
be a great candidate for stereotactic radio surgery.  Has anyone had this and 
can anyone give me ideas of the process ... good or bad.  I need info.  I 
have been checking websites, but want opinions from those who have been there.
Sorry for the pity party .... I promise to be better.  I will appreciate any 

Thank you !
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