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[MOL] My mom's pain

My mom isn't on a morphine pump yet, Lillian.  Her doctor wants to try other 
meds first.  She was on morphine patches and liquid morphine, but they've 
taken away the patches and give her pills instead.  Today my sister took her 
to an acupuncturist.  No one was sure mom would keep the appointment as this 
treatment ranks up there with witch doctors in her eyes.  It changed her mind 
in a heartbeat when she walked out for the first time in months with minimal 
pain in her left arm.  My sister said the acupuncturist had her feel mom's 
shoulder and arm and she said it felt like a rock.  When the woman was done, 
it was soft and without pain-almost!.  She'd loosened up the muscles somehow. 
 Mom's still in pain, but at least it's diminished some in that area.  She's 
also taking a liquid Chinese herb of some kind (need to get with my sis on 
this to find out what it is) and has small magnets placed along the left arm. 
 Of course, this treatment that seems to help isn't covered by insurance.  
Sigh.....  why is that?  If it makes her feel better, we'll move heaven and 
earth to do this for her.  Anyone else try this?


Susan C.

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