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Re: [MOL] shark cartilage for small cell lung cancer

Dear Enver:
    All my research indicates that the shark cartilege you buy in the health 
food stores--generally powdered extracts are not worth a thing. However, 
there is a Phase III NCI sponsored clinical trial for NSCLC (which is quite 
different than SCLC) of Neovastat 941 made by Aeterna Labs of Quebec.  My 
husband, who alas died June 4, was taking large quantitites of the 
nutritional supplement called Carticell (this is frozen oral shark cartilege 
extractand supposedly completely different from what you buy in the health 
food stores).  It is VERY expensive.  I was ordering at a discount three 
boxes a week and it cost me $1200 a week.  I have one unopened box and half a 
box in my freezer.  The company won't take it back because it MUST be kept 
frozen (I can assure you it has been).  If I can't sell it, I would donote 
it--however, I cannot vouch for its efficacy--my husband just started all 
this too late.  It was prescribed by a highly regarded altrnative doctor here 
in NY who is on the staff of NCI.  I don't know what to tell you though.  Be 
glad to help if I can. Where do you live?  Bess
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