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[MOL] New Imaging process may be valuable for the prostate cancer patient....

New Imaging Process May Be Valuable Tool for the Prostate Cancer Patient

A new imaging process has recently been approved by the Food and Drug Administration which may help doctors more accurately diagnose and stage prostate cancer. The imaging process,ProstaScint, was developed by Cytogen Corp. The process has been tested as a diagnostic tool for prostate cancer in Phase I, II, and III clinical trials with promising results. The Prostascint process may benefit two types of prostate cancer patients One is the newly diagnosed patient with cancer that appears to be contained in the prostate, but who is at high risk for the spread of the disease to the nearby pelvic lymph nodes. The other is the patient who has had his prostate surgically removed (prostatectomy), but whose rising PSA makes undetected cancer recurrence highly suspect. Prostascint can help the doctor pinpoint with imaging rather than surgical exploration, lymph nodes that may have become cancerous. The suspect nodes can then be dissected to check for cancer metastasis or spread.

Other imaging processes in use currently as diagnostic tools for the spread of prostate cancer are computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Results of clinical trials appear to indicate that the ProstaScint process may be significantly better at helping determine to what extent the disease has spread.

Accurate diagnosis and staging of prostate cancer is critical to making decisions as to the most effective and least invasive treatment. ProstaScint is administered intravenously. It involves the injection of a monoclonal antibody into the blood stream that circulates throughout the body. The antibody is designed to attach to substances (antigens) on the surface of prostate cancer cells (and some normal prostate cells, as well). A scanner is then able to detect the location of the antibodies. For more information on Prostascint, contact Cytogen's hotline
at 1-800-833-3533, and select option 4.

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