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[MOL] Breast Cancer Breakthroughs....

Breast Cancer Breakthroughs

A new drug may give post-menapausal women with advanced breast cancer a treatment option that may be as effective as tamoxifen but with fewer side-effects. The drug fadrazole was recently tested in a Phase III clinical trial sponsored by the Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research. The study involved 212 women who had volunteered for the trial. All were post-menapausal with advanced breast cancer. Half the patients were given tamoxifen, the standard first-line hormonal therapy, and half fadrazole. The study found that the overall survival between the two groups were similar. The fadrozole group, however, appeared to tolerate the drug better than the tamoxifen group. The "clinically relevant toxic side-effects" recorded were 13% for the fadrozole group, versus 27% for the tamoxifen group. Severe cardiovascular effects were seen only in the tamoxifen group (in 3 patients). Patients in each group were switched to the other drug if their initial drug treatment stopped working. This crossover led to response or stable disease in 64% of the patients. The study concludes that fadrozole may be an appropriate alternative to tamoxifen, especially for patients predisposed to thromboembolic events (obstructions caused by blood clots).