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Re: [MOL] shark cartilage for small cell lung cancer

Dear Enver:  I'm a little bit confused, and I certainly don't know everything 
-- but I'm a small cell cancer survivor.  My oncologist told me when I was 
diagnosed -- nearly three years ago -- that there are only two stages of 
small cell lung cancer; limited and extensive.  I was diagnosed with limited 
stage, and was therefore accepted in a clinical trial.  Was your father's 
cancer confined to only one area, or had it metastisized at the time he was 
diagnosed?  Small cell lung cancer responds very well to chemo, but it is 
extremely aggressive and fast-moving.  So far, though, so good.  I now have a 
checkup every six months instead of every three months.  I'm doing well and 
feeling good.  I didn't use any alternative therapy, aside from vitamins and 
the chemo and radiation, but others may know of something that could help 
your father.  If I can help in any way, please let me know.

Your friend -- Kathy in Boise
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