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Re: [MOL] Dave B. and my "old" MOL friends

Dear Dave:  Kathy C. here.  Joicy expressed it so beautifully -- as she 
always does.  Unfortunately, I haven't had the same experience.  My marriage 
rapidly deteriorated after my first cancer diagnosis, and we are no longer 
together, and my recent significant other jumped ship after he learned I 
needed a mastesctomy.  Lesson here?  Kathy has rotten taste in men!!!!  If 
you've been married to the same woman for 35 years, you are blessed (and so 
is she).  Joicy is right.  You must take care of yourself -- first and 
foremost.  I found people on this line to talk to.  It helped enormously.  I 
also have a very loving and supportive family.  Even so, sometimes my parents 
and siblings didn't know what to say or what to do.  I talked about my 
feelings after I learned how to do this -- with my friends and my family.  It 
seemed to ease the tension -- to make it easier for them to ask questions and 
to express their feelings.  It's changed my life forever, but it hasn't all 
been bad by any means.  Bless you both --

Love, Kathy
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