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[MOL] Sickle cell anaemia

To whom it may concern,

In the midst of trying to find a cure for my mother who is currently
suffering from sickle cell anaemia, I have stumbled upon many
suggestions referring to her case.

My name is Elly van Dalen and currently my mother and I are living in
Malaysia (we are originally from here). For the past few years she has
only been diagnosed with this blood disorder only a year and a half ago.
She has been suffering immense pain in her abdomen and last month has
been undergoing treatment with a medicince called Hydrea, which although
has produced good resulst but also a very negative side effect, such as
violent nightmares and a sudden fear of violence. She has also been
undergoing blood transfusions for the past year.

The good doctor that we have been referring to has desribed her case in
particular as abnormal, because of the rate of sickle cell patient in
this country. Infact, she is the SECOND CASE who is experiencing this
and the only Malay to do so ( Malaysia has a population of 22 million
and the sickle cell anaemia does not effect the Malays).

For this, I would greatly appreciate any information concerning a cure
for this illness as the list of other alternatives are getting shorter
for us. Thank you for your concern.

Elly van Dalen.

p.s. if there is a need for other information to be supplied please
include in the returning e-mail. Thank you again.

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