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Re: [MOL] Tommy's donor backed out/Kathy

Dearest Kathy,
    Yours is the only MOL mail I've read in 2 days.  When I saw the subject 
line I just couldn't pass it up.  I am so sorry, but know that the Lord knows 
what He's doing.  I will lift Tommy and his incredible family in prayer for 
strength, courage, and a quick resolve to all of this.  And you, dear Kathy, 
a special prayer full of love, courage, and lots of hugs from me and the 
Lord.  Be well, and God bless.
Luv ya,

    To all the Molers, I've been fighting an upper-respiratory infection for 
a week now, so don't spend much time online.  I deleted over 100 e-mails 
tonight as I'm just worn out.  My doctor put me on natural antibiotics with 
strict orders to call her if I got worse or it wasn't helping within 4 days.  
It seems to be moving up into my head, but there's still an immense amount of 
congestion in my chest.  I get a lot of rest.  I pray I'll be back up to 
snuff in a few days.  Be well my wonderful online family.  I miss you all.
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