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Re: [MOL] Tommy's donor backed out/Charlotte

Hi Charlotte,

It's funny you should say that, about Tommy having a more than average 
winding road.  It seems to me that others have had a much curvier road than 
we have...  Tommy has had several setbacks, but he keeps coming out ok.  

Shoot... I'm about to say the hardest thing I think I've said in this whole 
journey, but I think it needs saying.  I want Tommy to survive.  I think he 
will survive.  I think we all will do everything we can to make sure that 
happens.  But some of this is just going to turn out the way it will.  And 
however it turns out, we will all learn something that we needed to learn.  
We cannot and will not control the outcome.  We can perhaps influence the 
outcome, but not absolutely control it.

So, unless we are slapped with something we can't endure and/or overcome, 
it's just kind of an ongoing report.  Which I share with you MOL angels 
because you give me strength I wouldn't have otherwise.  

Your posts are so confident and life affirming Charlotte... and I really 
appreciate that.  Thank you for your prayers and for how much you care.

Love,  Kathy Q
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