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Re: [MOL] Death of friends


I understand how people feel in trying to protect "us".  I think that my note 
came out badly, not my intention.  I just wanted to say talk to us like you 
always did.  I was very intimidated by friends with a death sentence and was 
so afraid that I would say the wrong thing.  I'm certain that I did say the 
wrong thing to many of them.   When I was first dx, I didn't want to hear the 
 C    word spoken, now I want to know all I can about this d---- disease.  
Everyone is different, so i can only speak for myself.  But I feel 
uncomfortable when people are on edge about what they say.  And I know I did 
it also.

Thanks for your reply, I realized I had made the wrong impression when I 
reread it on e-mail.  Anything anyone does is appreciated.   The Road to Hell 
is paved with good intentions and mine is paved  well.

Pat Hall
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