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[MOL] Tommy's donor backed out

Hello all,

We just got a reminder about what a roller coaster ride this is.  Tommy was 
scheduled to start the treatment to prepare him for his bone marrow 
transplant yesterday.  But all of a sudden the donor went silent.  The meds 
finally tracked the donor down and they were told the person had decided 
"personal problems" prevented them from donating at this time.  There are 
other matches for Tommy but none of them are 100% like this donor was.  He 
and the docs will meet tomorrow to decide what to do next.  

My guess is they will put him through a round of consolidation chemo while 
they are deciding.  They can't risk him relapsing again.  I don't know how I 
feel right now.  But one thing is for sure.  I am a registered bone marrow 
donor, and I am taking personal inventory to be sure I don't have anything 
lurking that would cause me to back out at the last minute.  For Tommy and 
his young family this was a severe emotional blow...  To be poised on the 
edge of potential success and have to reset.  Ugh!!!  

He is strong, and he will figure out how to make lemonade out of this very 
big lemon.   But I guess we still have lots to learn as we take the next lap 
on the roller coaster.

I will send a note when I have more information on what will happen next.  
Thank you all for being there...  I don't have time to read much of the mail, 
and respond when I can.  I can't tell you how important it is for me to know 
you are all out there.  Thank you...

Much love,  Kathy Q
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