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> Could they not do pin point radiation on the
>  tumor to make it shrink?  

Seems not.  We've asked 3 different doctors and they all agree that with her 
bone degeneration and the massive radiation she did before, the damage would 
be worse than the "cure".    Maybe because it's so big, it's just not an 
option now?  We ask and keep getting the same answer that it's just not going 
to work for her.  Her new doctor (general practician, not oncology) sat her 
down and had a heart to heart with her about how she's not dying of cancer, 
she's living with cancer.  Mom walked out feeling much better about herself.  
I tell her about you all every time I see her to let her know it's possible 
to live longer than the doctors say.  I can't say enough how this forum has 
helped me.  I forward stuff to both sisters and we spend a lot of time in IM 
chats deciding what to try next, who gets to call the doctor to hassle them 
about a new treatment, or new ways to help mom's pain, etc.  If it weren't 
for you, I'd be sitting in tears each night!


Susan C.
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