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[MOL] Hello Friends; Something that I hope helps you...

Hello Friends:  When one thinks of cancer, their minds immediately turn to the physical aspect of it and little is said about the psychological aspect of not only cancer; but of the treatments and all else that joins into the psychological aspect.  You have learned everything you can about the various therapies; however the psychological aspect may come as quite a surprise and send you into a jolt.
I will attempt to cover some of the difficulties you may encounter and you must keep in mind that everyone's body reacts differently.  This does not mean it will happen to you necessarily; but it could and some of it could happen well after the treatment.
As soon as one hears they have cancer it must be recognized that the mind takes some form of shock.  Some will pretend it hasn't and if that is the case, then please bring it forward immediately for a well balance mental heath.  If you don't, it will almost be a given that you will sometime down the road, and it may manifest itself more strongly than if it had be handled in the early stages.
The second jolt is when we realize that we might not only need surgery (which any surgery is trauma to the body and the mind); but we realize another dreaded word called chemotherapy.  Many  fear the chemotherapy more than the cancer itself.
Side effects of chemotherapy are better able to be treated, this is good; but some still expierence very serious side effects and just wondering which category you will fall into  congers all sorts of anxiety.  Know that this is only natural and infact healthy, because you are able to address these issues early on.
When one receives a diagnosis of cancer we are immediately trust into "what about my future?"  We know that many therapies must be carefully monitored for toxic effects.  This contributes greatly to the fear's.  Sometimes the uncertainties can become so severe that they can not be controlled through understanding and medication is very necessary.  Please ask for counseling help at the hospital to help you cope with these side effects.  Don't wait until the problem gets too big, best to catch it early on.
Some chemotherapy patients complain of having trouble remembering things, reading books or working.  You may be taking a very high dosage and this will even manifest the side effects more so. There needs to be more research regarding this; but do know that most of the time these symptoms are temporary.  If you  are finding it difficult to concentrate, please be kind to yourself and postpone serious work requiring your full attention for awhile.
So what about sleep?  Has your sleep been effected?  Anxiety, certain drugs all can effect your sleep and if you can't get it under control then it is better to ask your doctor for something to get you back on track.  Your sleep and the quality of your sleep is more important while you are undergoing treatments.
Fatigue, fatigue and more fatigue.  This is serious, even though it is a physical symptom, it often leads and controls your general state of well being.  It dampens your positive emotions, makes you not want to undertake activities.  Sometimes the fatigue can be so bad you just want to stay in bed.  Try to regulate yourself, if you know you can be up and about for 2 hour's and then you need to lay down for two hour's realize that this is what your body is telling you to do.  Alter your schedule to fit your bodies schedule for now.
It is unfortunate; but when the side effects are the greatest it is time to repeatedly tell yourself that you are not a wimp; that you will get through this, because you want to live and enjoy life.  It isn't easy and anyone who tells you it is is a fool; but it matters that you do everything you can to keep yourself healthy both mind, body and spirit.  If you need counseling and recognize that you do you are ahead of the game.  Hope this has helped, your friend, lillian
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