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Managing Incontinence and Toileting Issues

For most people going to the bathroom is just part of like, one of the things that you do. But for caregivers whose loved ones have incontinence problems, or medical conditions that make normal toileting difficult or impossible, "going to the bathroom" changes from being "just part of life" to being a major issue of concern.

For many people, incontinence is an embarrassing, deeply personal, and even shameful condition, so much so that they hesitate to get help. This hesitancy to get help, to seek solutions or investigate products that can make life easier and more healthful, only serves to prolong, and even aggravate a problem that in many cases can be corrected, or at least managed.

If you’re a caregiver dealing with incontinence or toileting issues, remember -- incontinence is a medical condition like any other. It isn’t a normal sign of aging. Talk to a doctor. An examination can help find the cause and that’s the first step in finding a solution. Talk to other caregivers who are dealing with the same problem. No embarrassment here, just the opportunity to learn from someone who has already done the research and possibly found some good ways of dealing with the situation. Here are some facts about incontinence that you should know an some helpful hints for dealing with these issues.

There are four main types of incontinence

 Helpful Hints


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