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Lillian!  Thanks for the quick reply.  I don't know how you do it.  My sister must've talked to someone who said this cocktail worked.  Hopefully we'll never need it.  

Mom is doing better.  Still on the mend from pneumonia, but isn't sleeping 16 hours a day anymore - she's down to about 10 - :)  (I wish I could get some sleep!)

You're right, I want to keep all of you to myself.  There will be times when I'll need to vent about who's doing what and that may include my sisters.  Right now, I'm on the same page as one sister, but that could change.  

Do you have any resources for people who may lose the use of a limb?  Mom's tumor is pressing against the nerves to her left arm/hand.  It hurts like the dickens right now - the pain in her arm sometimes is worse than the fact that the tumor is breaking a rib.  She will lose use of it sometime in the next couple of months.  Although this will be a relief because it means the nerve is dead and there will be no more arm pain, how do we prepare her to be one-armed?  Any ideas anyone?

Thanks to all and as always, 


Susan C.
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