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[MOL] I have a new title now?????

Hi everyone,
Just picture this, Mom and Don going back and fourth to the bathroom;
They are both on oxygen, 50 foot to cross paths and get all tangled up.
Yep, now I am a circus trainer now.  LOL.
At least for now I just think it is so funny,,,,a couple of times they were so
tangled up that neither one could go anywhere.
I just needed to share.
I wished I had the time to answer all your posts, mostly the ones you take
time to write to me.
Some day I will have more time, but for now I am not wanting to push for
more time.
Thank you one and all for all those special posts that you have taken time
to write to me, it really means so very much to me.
God bless & thank you, thank you, thank you..
Love you all.
Love, hugs & prayers to you and yours,
Nanc ():-)
I have to get up at 5 so I am off to bed.
I helped my daughter unpack inbetween my runs today, still more to do.
I wired her 3 phone jacks in the house today.  Hooking up the cook stove tomorrow,
install a ceiling fan in the kitchen, then just a few odds and ends to help with.
I have to replace all her wall plugs, they are so wore out that the cord you plug in
just falls right out.
Helped my other Daughter feed her 10 horses this morning too.
I try and get away from here when the health aids or house keeper are here to watch
Mother and Don.