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[MOL] Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma

I am hoping your group may be able to help us understand the disease that my mother has recently been diagnosed with,  The disease is listed above.
We understand this to be a very rare form of cancer.  She has had many tests.  Including a lung biopsy, cat scan etc,  We have visted 2 oncologists in Toronto, Ontario. and continue to go for more testing.  So far this cancer is only in the lungs.  The liver has been checked and it is not there. A bone scan will soon be done and a brain scan. Approx, 8 nodules in total in the lung.  It has not grown since October of 1999.  The doctors feel this is a very slow growing cancer.  Some reports indicate that some patients have survived less than one year (the cancer was in other areas) and as long at 10-20 years.  Do you have any other information regarding this disease.  We would be very greatful for any leads.
Laurie Mayo
Mississauga, Ontario Canada