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RE: [MOL] Is anybody out there?

Title: RE: [MOL] Is anybody out there?

Monday Blues?  You mean Tuesday blues?  Or the blues today because of Monday?  Never mind, I hope your air conditioner gets fixed so you can feel nice and cool.  Kathleen, you never cease to amaze me when I read your story.  You have more guts than two people!  I hope I would be able to stand strong in the face of adversity and keep my smile.  How is your new bustline?  I read where your Dr. asked you if having a 20 year old's bust line would be all right with you.  That sounded encouraging?  Take care and guess what?  I think we are getting a dog next month, we're looking at Jack Russells.  Mom is insisting on buying my son a dog but it will have to be a small one.