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[MOL] Breast and Lung Cancer


To your question whether breast cancer will move (metastasized) to the lung
area, my answer is yes. That's what happend to my wife's case. Her recurrent
cancer was in Stage I but when radiation was done locally, one of her lungs
got filled with liguid which the doctor drained thru fleuradesis procedure.
When pictures was taken on her lungs, a large colony of cancer tumors were

My wife's case is a complicated one. The cancer metastasized to her brain,
ovary, liver and bone after that recurrency. But with the help of prayers
and non traditional treatments, she is still alive to this day.

My wife is a survivor for 18 years now. The recurrency was in 1998 (which
the Doctors has written off as terminal.) I don't want to publish here what
non-traditional treatment I did to my wife, but for those interested, e-mail
me privately and I will share it with them.


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