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Re: [MOL] Dave B./Lil from Nanc ():-)

> Hi Lil,
> I took it that Dave wanted to know where to go to get the best help for
> himself.  [[[Oops on my part!  Will e-mail Dave.]]]

> I could be wrong, cause I read through the posts pretty fast.
> Take care, I am hanging in here.
> Done a bit of crying in the garage just feeling sorry for myself thinking
> just
> couldn't take this caregiving, watching Mom and Don just fad away and all
> can do is keep them both comfortable, at least try to.  Sometimes that
> doesn't
> even work.[[[ Nanc, crying is healthy, it gives you strength; so every so
often go give yourself a good crying jag.  Make it a really good one!]]]

> Mother is vomiting and loose stools all the time.  Just put her on
> compazine.
> Don keeps needing a higher liter flow on his oxygen, up to 4 all the time
> and
> have to raise it to 5 or 6.  Mother is on 2 liters for now.

[[[ I think we just need to change your name to "Florence Nightengale
(sp?)", we can call you "Flo" for short.  Girlfriend, I truly don't know how
you are doing it with two and I can't believe you don't have a family member
that would come in for just a couple of hour's each day to help you out.
This is truly just too much on you Nanc with working; etc..  Your own health
is going to suffer and then you won't be much good to either of your loved
ones,    Then to have your dear daughter and grands, well, I would have done
the same; but glad they have found a place to call "home",]]]

> How is Chuck doning and how are you holding up?

 [[[ Chuck is doing well, doesn't want to discuss it.  Just goes on his
merry way, pushing himself in this heat; but I just keep my mouth shut!  OH,
sometimes that is so hard to do!  I am doing okay here. ]]]  love you,

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