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[MOL] Have I already introduced myself?

I've been visiting a lot of discussion groups, but I didn't recall
introducing myself here.  Please forgive me if this is a repeat.

I was recently diagnosed with endometrial adenocarcinoma which was found
through a metastatic lesion on my spine. An aching back was the first
indication I had of any trouble.

I keep hearing that it is so unusual a)for me to get this at my age (I'm
36); b) that I had no
warning before I was already metastatic; c) that my mets is distant (to
bone) before local (CT scans show only uterus and bone affected); d) I have
NO other health problems (that I know of) and fell into none of the "risk"
categories. It's not an uncommon form of cancer, but the above facts have
stumped more than a few panels.

I'm scheduled for surgery next week, then radiation to my back and maybe
pelvic area. Chemo and or hormone treatments, but I still have lots of
questions to ask and I'm deciding between many doctors.  One doctor today
even thinks I might do well on hormones and radiation without surgery.  I
like that idea a lot!

Thankfully, through these discussion groups, I have learned even more than I
could on my own, and I have gained knowledge about things to request from my
doctors and other treatments to
investigate.  I'd appreciate any insight and input.

I love getting so many emails each time I check.  I'm only sorry that we're
here for the reasons we are.  I wish you all the best, and I look forward to
hearing from you.


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