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[MOL] Tamoxafin

I need some help!

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer last Oct. and has already had the 
lump and lymphnoded removed, done chemo and is about to finish up her 
radiation treatments.  The next step is the drug tamoxafin.

We have been reading quite a loat about the side effects of the drug, 
especially noting the chance of uterus cancer.  My mother's GP noted that 
she had an enlarge uterus, but gave no indication why and all tests came 
back negative.

Should she be very concerned about taking this drug, when her uterus is 
already abnormal in size?

Antoher question I have is if her cancer was estrogen receptive and 
aggressive in nature, will this drug reduce or increase her chance of 

I would appreciate any help I can get on these questions!

Thank you sooo much!

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