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Re: [MOL] Stevia

Dear Charlotte,
Not at all.  Was just talking to my mom who has short bowel syndrome and
used sweetners in her tea, coffee, and cereal as sugar is bad for her.  The
sugar makes her food run thru her faster and that's not good for sbs.  I
appreciate the info and will pass this on to her.  She just told me that
she went off the sweetner as she thought this might be causing the sever
cramping in her legs and hands.  Severe.   So I will tell her about this
Much thanks!!!!     Vicci  PS The cramping has gotten better since she cut
it out.

From: Charlotte Kays <>
Subject: Re: [MOL]  Your such a good girl!  Marlene
Date: Saturday, June 24, 2000 8:27 AM

Hi everyone.A  bit on stevia.
Stevia Rebaudiana is a small plant native to Paraguay and Brazil.  It
was "discovered" in 1887 by an American named Antonio Bertomi who
learned of the herb from the Guarane Paraguayan Indians. Stevia was
known locally as Caa'-ehe which means "sweet herb" or "honey leaf."
  Two French chemists began to unravel the secrets of Stevia in 1931
with extraction work on it's leaves.  Their work yielded a pure, white
crystalline compound they named "stevioside"  They found this substance
to be 100-300 times sweeter than table sugar and without toxic effects
in lab. animals.
   In 1971 a Chinese researcher, Dr. Tei-fu-chen visited Paraguay where
he became so interested in Stevia that he applied for residency status .
The non- chemical method of extraction (alcohol) recorded in herbal
manuscripts  of Chinese emperors became the standard method of
extraction for Stevia.   It removed the undesirable green color and
bitter aftertaste that is found in stevia leaves.
Dozens of studies have shown Stevia o be a safe supplement for the human
diet, and is currently used extensively through out the world in a
variety of ways
      Probably more than you ever wanted to know about Stevia, right!
Hee Hee
Loves Charlotte

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