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Re: [MOL] Fibroid Sacroma

Hi Ted!  Very sorry to hear about you pet cat having cancer.  What a bummer!  I can't begin to tell you what to do, this has got to be your decision.  Some things to think about are:
Is the cat in pain?
What is the quality of life for your cat?
What is the prognosis of the surgery?
How old is your cat?
Is your cat in pretty good health other than this and would be able to with stand surgery?
I know how you feel.  We just had to put our cat to sleep, she had feline leukemia.  I let her out one night as usual.  When I called her in she did not come.  She was gone for a month and we found her under one of our cars.  We hardly knew her, skin and bones. We rushed her to the Vet; but he felt it was too late for treatment.  She was 10 year's old.
Seeing her in the condition she was in I felt it was the most humane thing we could have done for her.  Warmly, your friend, lillian
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Hi Sir
My cat has a fibroid sacroma, a type of cancer. That was why my Vet found from the biopsy test. My cat's head is swollen and tumor protrudes into his sinus cavity and pushes his eye. He has a bleeding in his nose and discharge in his eye. What is your suggestion? Surgery or Put him to sleep
Ted Winter