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I had  posted an article and   stress on mental illness.  Stressful
situations are handled by the adrenal glands system with a perticular
chemical.  I have addisons; (adrenal gland crisis)/ cushings.  I have to
take a pill to make the chemical  to handle stress.  Mental illness for the
most part excluding acquired disorders also is a malfunction of a certain
chemical.  So, I would conclude that if you do not have enough chemical to
handle severe stress that indeed it would effect the mental aspect as stress
is able to upset the balance of the whole body to include the brain.  I
think we are pretty much together on this thinking and I  am happy you are
doing so well in your schooling.  When we moved here I actually met 3 multi
personalities.  No not in a study, by accident!  It was most interesting,
because it took me sometime to realize what was going on around me. I can
not tell you how many personalities any of them had.  Two scarred me off,
the third was easier.  If I called her Marge, she was  most sophisticated,
if I called her Margaret she would in the drop of a pin become mean and if I
called her Margie, she acted childlike.  I believe she had more
personalities ;but I learned to call her Marge.  I am very fascinated with
multi personalities and some of the other  acquired mental illnesses.  Let
me know when you find out what the benchmark of a normal person is.....that
should be most interesting if there is such an animal?  Love you, lillian

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