[MOL] Status of Jeanie's Mom, Jan [02755] Medicine On Line

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[MOL] Status of Jeanie's Mom, Jan

Hey guys:
A quick update on Mom....and I do mean quick, as I have just gotten home from the hospital and am dragging!!!
Mom is still in the hospital (she was admitted on Thursday).  She has received three units of blood, and seemed to respond fairly well.  Her white blood cell count is coming up, and is at 1400 now.  The doctor seems to think it should build fairly quickly from here.  Late Friday, Mom was in pretty good spirits and some of that "sassiness" was definitely back.
We have encountered a bit of a complication, as Mom now has a staff infection in her leg/ankle.  This is unfortunate, as she is unable to walk on it, which is going to be required if she is to build up her strength.  The oncologist has her on a different antibiotic, and we will see how quickly she is able to respond to it.  That lethargy has returned today, but Dr. Gualtieri thinks that it is due to the infection.  I am not sure what this is going to do to her release date...it sure is tough to leave Mom with her asking the question, "Can I come home with you??"
All I can say is "Soon, Mom....very soon."
Take care, and thanks for keeping us in your prayers and thoughts.  I will update as soon as there is news.