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KOIZUMI W, Kurihara M, Nakano S, Hasegawa K.
Phase II study of S-1, a novel oral derivative of 5-fluorouracil, in advanced gastric cancer.
Oncology 2000;58:191-7.
Abstract: http://www.amedeo.com/lit.cfm?uid=A10765119&aid=B117153&dopt=r&s=gca
EBERT MP, Yu J, Miehlke S, et al.
Expression of transforming growth factor beta-1 in gastric cancer and in the gastric mucosa of first-degree relatives of patients
with gastric cancer.
Br J Cancer 2000;82:1795-800.
Abstract: http://www.amedeo.com/lit.cfm?uid=A10839293&aid=B117153&dopt=r&s=gca