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[MOL] pneumonia

Hi all!  Sorry I haven't written - I wanted to respond to so many emails, but 
things have been hectic.  I wrote about my mom's pain (lung cancer) and asked 
about morphine pumps.  Seems the problem was pneumonia.  I've spent the last 
few afternoons/nights with my mom (and her pain) and on Friday a.m. (I had a 
half day off to take her to a pre-op appt to remove two breast lumps) she 
called me at 7am crying and asked me to come over.  To make a long story 
short, she scared the s**t out of me with her incoherence and fever, and 
after frantic calls to her onc and gp, they said I should take her to the ER. 
I did - despite her protests because her husband (my step-father) died on 
Father's Day a year earlier after going to the ER for a respiratory infection 
- and she thought she wouldn't come out alive.  She's now home, feeling 
better, and wanting to garage sale. Whew!

I know lung cancer and respiratory problems like pneumonia go together.  Will 
the antibiotic they gave her this time fight another bout of pneumonia?  The 
only symptom she had was the fever! I thank God I had the a.m. off!  Of 
course, today as the antibiotic is working, she's coughing up the stuff, but 
how the heck do we know if her pain, discomfort is cancer related for not?

Why are there no manuals that the doctor places around the patient's neck?  
These manuals would say:

"Patient has a fever - check page 120"
"Page 120 - take to ER!"


"Patient hurts, see page 1"
"Page 1 - hug tightly and tell how much you love them, call Oncology doctor"


I've been thinking of everyone lately.  So many of you seem stronger than me 
and I gather strength from your emails - thank you.  I want to hug so many of 
you, too, Lillian, Dave, Charlotte, Lisa, Christine (and many prayers), 
Marlene, and so many others - I'm so tired I'm seeing double, time to head to 
bed.  Thank you for your help!

Susan C.
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